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White Ink Printing

Want your envelopes to truly stand out and let your invited guests, friends, family members and business partners know how special they are? Consider making use of Digital Calligraphy’s innovative white ink printing service for your envelopes!

Why White Ink? Why Now?

Digital white ink is a recent innovation within the print industry. Prior to this development, you could only print white ink for envelopes on offset printing presses, by foil stamping or by hiring a calligrapher, all of which were expensive and costly to set up and manage. Traditional white inks were also highly translucent, which meant that even under the best conditions, the white ink didn’t always jump off the page. In the past, using white ink was labor intensive for printers, and customers had to pay double the fees for using white ink on printed paper.

White Ink Printing Is Easy for Digital Calligraphy!

With the latest equipment, you can make use of digital white ink, and it's quick and easy. Your envelopes will truly stand out when they arrive in the U.S. mail! That’s right! You can choose digital white ink, and you’ll get crisp, white lettering on our high-quality, richly colored envelopes.

To get started using our new digital white ink, click here to choose an envelope style and choose white ink as your color!